Author Videos

Lisa Phillips – Allegiance

Loretta Eidson Pursued in the Wilderness

Jodie Bailey Defending from Danger

Michelle Aleckson

James R. Hannibal – Elysium Tide

Jessica R. Patch

Steven James

Kate Angelo – Driving Force

Lisa Phillips – Point of Impact

Katy Lee – Real Virtue

Jodie Bailey Captured at Christmas

Natalie Walters – Lights Out

Kerry Johnson – Snowstorm Sabotage

Kellie VanHorn – Buried Evidence

Dana Mentick – Missing in the Desert

Christy Barritt – Axel

Jessica Patch – Cold Case Takedown

Virginia Vaughan and Darlene L. Turner – Texas Target Standoff and Abducted in Alaska!

Lynn H. Blackburn’s – Unknown Threat

Lenora Worth’s – Amish Country Secret

Cate Nolan’s – Texas Witness Threat

Shannon Redmon’s – Cave of Secrets

Dana R Lynn’s – Deadly Amish Reunion

Virginia Vaughan – Texas Twin Abduction

Sommer Smith – Under Suspicion

Diann Mills – Part II

We loved our time so much with her, we added a Part II interview with Diann Mills. We hope you enjoy the video!!

Patricia Bradley – Standoff

Darlene L. Turner – Border Breach